Skilvul Karir

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Activity Coordinator

Full Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

1 tahun yang lalu

IoT Mentor - Samsung Innovation Campus Batch 4

Part Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

1 bulan yang lalu

Part-Time Lead Instructor/Mentor

Part Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

4 bulan yang lalu

UIUX Designer (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Full Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

5 bulan yang lalu

Game Development Part-Time Group Mentor [Kampus Merdeka]

Part Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

2 minggu yang lalu

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Activity Coordinator

Full Time

Remote - Jakarta, Indonesia

1 tahun yang lalu


SKILVUL GROUP is a social enterprise with a mission to build accessible tech education for everyone.

Currently, we offer two main services - an end-to-end coding bootcamp (Impact Byte), and an online training & certification platform for on-demand digital skills (Skilvul), for anyone who wishes to become a programmer.

At Skilvul Group, we treat each other with respect and communicate with empathy. We support each other even though it is not part of our job description.

We try to create a working culture where everyone is responsible for their own time. We require you to work efficiently and spend time wisely. We hope that nobody is working late here. We do not want to boss you around. In fact, you will be able to speak freely to anyone, including the top executives, about anything. We treat each others’ time valuable and ask kindly for each other’s attention and help despite positions.

We expect you to prioritize and fulfill your responsibilities, but you are also welcome to pursue your hobbies, spend time with your family, hang out with friends, and do other stuff that you are passionate about. We hope that you can have a more meaningful and purposeful life by working at Skilvul Group.

Job Description

The Activity Coordinator will be responsible for assisting and reporting to the line Project Manager – who oversees all aspects of the project – with the daily operations. She/he directly impacts on the achievement of project results by assisting the Project Manager to adhere to project management methods and strategies, increasing success rates, reducing risks, and cutting costs.


  • Assist the line Project Manager in ensuring the project’s progress and execution, including the technical aspects for meetings, training, etc;

  • Ensure job efficiency and quality at all times by collaborating with the Project Assistant Intern(s) within the Team;

  • Coordination and liaison with the beneficiaries (teachers, students, and participants);

  • Organise and maintain records of project files, meetings, and any other supporting documents.

  • Process and monitor all payment requests within the Project in cooperation with the Finance Team;

  • Maintain all financial records related to the project for audit and review purposes;


  • A minimum of 1-year relevant experience, specifically in the field of Project Management and/or Operations Management is an asset;

  • Experience and demonstrated knowledge of technology, digital innovation, and/or project management tools will be an advantage;

  • Open to change and flexible in a fast-paced environment;

  • Good communication skills - comfortable with moderating programmes / webinars

Employee Benefits

  • WFH Allowance

  • Team Learning Wallet

  • Insights on how a young company operates, with real hands-on start-up experience

  • Gain industry knowledge and networking opportunities esp in the ed-tech sector.

  • Learn creative problem solving and innovation directly from start-up Co-founders

Work Hours

  • As this is a full time role, you will be expected to work a total of 40 hours per week and attend meetings or events as required.

  • There may be occasional work on the weekend, in which case you would be able to take a time off / swap day(s) on your weekday.